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Charme Cafe with Antonio Manero Spaziani


Saturdays "Charme Cafe" 7pm - 8pm (GMT)

Antonio Manero Spaziani

Manero spent a good portion of his years living abroad in the Valencian Community of Spain. It is here where he established very strong ties with the art director of LaMegaFM. thus seeing him utilizing his DJ skills at very many popular Terraza Clubs, Discos and Lounges throughout Spain, Canada and Brazil. In Italy he is well known as resident of the famous lounge in Parma, as well as other disco lounges throughout the Region.

His passion and artistic creativity for music was brought together by devising an original radio program, "Charme Cafe" a program that has a very large and loyal fan base that is full of energy, excitement, humour and creativity, in collaboration with "Il Taglia", Los Divinos. Manero currently leads "Viale Shakespeare" an On-Air program in Italy with Eleonora Di Mario. The musical bonds that he created with other DJ's/ Producers as Alex Raider, has now brought him to public music releases in both digital and CD.

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