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NEW DJ ON Clubvibez

Don’t miss tonights live show with DJ Julien 9-10 pm at clubvibez His debut show one not to be missed

FAC51 Hacienda

After the massive success of the Hacienda Night in Huddersfield I think this next event is really a no brainer. A friend Of will be playing on the night one Mr James Noon.. Get yourself over if you can or just spread the word. #Hacienda #House Music #Clubvibez

Catchup service

After a fantastic weekend of music at Clubvibez all the shows are now up on Mixcloud for replay

Kooky Event

Check out this event down at Kooky. Get there if you can its sure to be a massive night  

New page on website

Just an update about the new page at Clubvibez for events, check out what’s happening near you.  Send your flyers to for inclusion on the page, and to keep your audience up-to-date with your news and events.

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