New DJ Alex Raider !

We Welcome yet another New DJ to the team, Alex Raider….

Italian producer, composer, polyvalent musician, label manager and live performer. Grown under the sonorous influence of ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’ and ‘Ummagumma’ of Pink Floyd, at 9 years old he starts to play guitar, and after he learns to play 5 instruments.

Since 1993, he has published many releases on various labels, some successful such as UNDO/REDO “The Voyager” (2003), Summer 4 (Earth Wind and Fire remix 2004), “Dreams Of A Poet” album ( Official soundtrack of the event “Massimo Trosi Prize” festival 2009 edition) just to name a few. The various pseudonyms used include: Undo/Redo, The Sound Alchemyst, Groove Sky, Indakob and many more. His name appeared alongside celebrities such as Amanda Lear, Boy George & Kinky Roland, Tina Charles, Christian Hornbostel, Santos, Ruben Zurita, BSJ aka Black Legend, and many more. Thanks to a 360-degree music culture, and his twenty-year experience, in 2013 he founded Kaleydo Records, Kaleydo Beats and Be Groove Records.


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