New DJ From The Netherlands !

We welcome DJ Vorcera to the Clubvibez Family

His Show is on wednesdays from6-8pm GMT

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Listening to trance music from a young age he told himself he wanted to play and create music.
With people like Tiesto and Armin van Buren to look up to he started saving for his gear.
After many years of ups and down he finally had the chance to buy the gear he needed to get start.

Starting in feb 2013 he started working with a local radio station to create 5 minute dance mash-ups.
When not working on these mash-ups he was working on his mixing skills in the Trance genre.

After a year and many hours of practice he started his own weekly show called Trancescension.
With this weekly show that is still running he is trying to present the best and latest that trance has to offer.

After almost a year after the start he is trying to reach out to more people and found Clubvibez.
Here he will be presenting a new show called ‘Radical Trance Session’. You can enjoy a 2 hour show featuring the best and most banging tunes around.

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