New DJ Phat Farley From UK

We Welcome DJ Phat Farley to the team


DJ Phat Farley has been applying his skills in the Huddersfield area for more than 20 years and is heavily linked to dance/house and anything with a good beat and nice piano, he’s respected in this area and is well known.

He went off the scene a few years back due to him concentrating on his family and his career which is understandable, however his lust for good music and mixing has always remained, now his children are much older he’s able to continue with his hobby of passing on mixes for other people to enjoy.

He has played at various clubs and pubs around Huddersfield/ Manchester and Leeds and has also worked on other radio stations. He’s recently been noted for his “Let’s Go Back” range (7 volumes) which can be listened to on Mixcloud, mixing some of the old school classics from back in the day.

If your going out on a Friday evening be sure to listen to this guy, I’m telling you now he will get you into the Friday night mood no shadow of a doubt.

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