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Today is the day that we begin to talk a little bit more about the Club Vibez DJs so that you guys can get an insight into how they got to where they are now and what continually drives them to captivate people with their music….first up is……………

DJ Peter James!

After a long chat with Peter and some of the old Plaza crew this week about old times and the exciting prospect of a revival night, he said something to me which I loved and wanted to share with you all as it says everything about him – ‘Once again united by the tunes we love’.  It totally shows his passion for House music and how it brings people together!

Peter has been spinning his tunes since the 80’s and after talking to him this week, it seems that his love for House music has grown massively over the years!  Playing a mixture of old skool House and Tech House throughout the years, he has played in many clubs and bars all over West Yorkshire which include The Plaza, Lincolns, Sly Mcflys, the Victoria Theatre and Mabgate Mills to name a few.

In the 90’s Peter became a fully fledged member of the Alpha crew who continued to play the best House music all over the place gaining a massive following.  His favourite club that he has ever played in was The Plaza in Huddersfield (obviously!) which was also the very place where we were all lucky enough to see N-Trance play his favourite tune of all time live – ‘Set you free’ just after it’s original release!

Looking towards the future, Peter has some major aspirations for this year!  Through hard work and commitment his aim alongside the other DJs is to make the Club Vibez radio station the number one choice for dance music throughout the nation by playing only the best House tunes around and by spreading the word using any means possible in order to gain many more listeners!

Peter (like many others I might add) also intends to make 2013 the year of ‘The Plaza Revival’.  Currently at the stage of ‘The Uprising’ where heavy networking is being done to gather the old crew back together and plant the idea into their heads, this event is looking more likely than ever after the response received from them has blown us all away!  Excitement levels are hitting an extraordinary level amongst the people already in touch and word is spreading fast so hopefully this dream of his and the other DJs will become a reality this year!

Time to show the next generation how dance music is done!

Like what you’ve heard and fancy a listen?  If so…you can catch DJ Peter James playing his mental tunes on Sundays 7-9 pm.

DJ Peter James - Club Vibez radio

DJ Peter James – Club Vibez Radio



An Uprising Is Coming….

House music rules!

Kimmi Custard signing in…oh my lord, after a recent catch up with some great friends from old times – old times that were just the best, I’m so excited that I have now been asked to post on the blog of their amazing new radio station! It feels pretty cool to be able to do this too as I was once a regular with DJ HMC on an old radio station that was operated by many of the DJ’s that now play on Club Vibez!  Good times!

House music has always been a great love of mine.  It brings back major memories of dance clubs where hundreds of people were giving it their all on smoke filled dance floors and feeling completely at one with the music.

I’m sure that many of the old Plaza crew from my day would agree with me when I say that it was a time that would be hard to beat in the history of dance music  – however, the birth of Club Vibez has stirred up feelings of excitement that an uprising of this particular type of music genre is most definitely on the cards and the next generation are about to witness what we did a few moons ago!

The DJ’s on Club Vibez play some of the best house music around – both new stuff and old skool and feature many different other styles of dance music – many of which we will break down and feature in the upcoming blogposts.  To check out the schedule and find a show you like, click the link below:

Anyhow, now I’ve kinda introduced myself to you all, its time to start listening to this amazing station and start spreading the word  – lets get this infectious music hotter again than ever before – tell your friends,  fill up Facebook timelines and after you’ve shared the station links all over the place, log into your Twitter account and Tweet until the cows come home!

An uprising is coming…….watch this space!

That's me in the middle! Time to revive the good times!

That’s me in the middle! Time to revive the good times!


More new djs

Another new Dj joins us this week, Deany P from notts. catch his debut show at clubvibez on Saturdays 8-9pm gmt

New DJ/Producer

Another DJ/Producer joins us on the airwaves. DJ Marcus Tee will be hosting a show on

Saturdays from 6 – 8pm GMT playing Drum & Bass


Another new Dj !

Another new Dj joining us soon on a Thursday evening. DJ C will be playing a selection of house genres all guaranteed to get your foot tapping.

Keep it locked to www. for further information regarding his slot time and when he will start

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