We have a new DJ Joining us – DJ SERAPHIM

Hailing from Chicago, Seraphim grew up with the native sounds of the windy city. Falling in love with the music of Frankie Knuckles, Paul Johnson, Dj Funk and the like, it was clear house music was going to be a permanent part of her life. Frequenting the warehouse dance floors for years, Seraphim went from occupying the dance floor to moving it. Upon moving to N Florida in 2000 her djing took off and soon she was pushing house beats at venues all over the panhandle. Joining forces with Merideej and Clairevoyance forming Venus Presents, she was then promoting and djing some of best EDM events in area. Always wanting to grow in the house music scene Seraphim sought out Chicago House FM, posted a mix in the group and hoped for the best. She was contacted by owner Camouflage and was offered a show being CHFM’s first lady on the station. Later joining forces w/ Camouflage under the alias Transatlantic Union and also forming Chicago House FM Records they still work together in love and house music.

Seraphims show will air monday Nights 12am to 1am (GMT)



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