We have a new DJ Joining us… Tea Vuckovic

We are very pleased to announce we have a new DJ joining us…


(Abracadabra Rec.,2manymore)

Are you tired of all the fast paste of life? Do you like being different? Than this is the show for you. We bring you different genre’s, different style’s and showcasing one hour mixes of great artist every session. Tune in to 2manymore sessions with Slovenian female DJ and Producer Tea Vuckovic. Be different..

Growing up in her father’s studio Tea Vuckovic A.K.A. Djane LittleOne got introduced to electronic dance music at a very early age. Inspired by friends and family her love for music quickly grew and soon after her first parties she discovered her interest and talent for the art of DJ-ing. She started to play and in short period of time she managed to impress people with her style, technique and her positive energy. She quickly got support from many well known DJ-s all around Slovenia and also played in well known clubs and open air events here in her home land. Short after that her interest for producing also grew quickly so she started to learn. With help from Luca R. she started producing in year 2011, and they did a track together called Those Days.. She has/did also remixes that are released on Abracadabra Recordings. Not onely that, she is also a proud owner promotor and manager at 2manymore Events that were and are held in Festivalna Dvorana Maribor Lent. With the main focus on Tech-House/Techno, Tea is playing purely for the love of music, and always manages to create a good party with positive vibes for herself and those around and in front of her.

Her show starts Tuesday the 5th of November 7pm to 8pm (GMT)


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