We have a new show starting – ETIA CREATIONS



We have a new show starting – ETIA CREATIONS
This session is Etia Creations Radio Showcase, presented by Alex Long, Stanny Abram, Marta and Ian Green. Each week, one of our artists will present key tunes of the month through 60 minute mix. You are welcome to contribute your music via links sent to promos@etiacreations.com. And what is Etia Creations?
What started back in 2003 as an independand music label, that produced 3 vinyl releases by 2006 and then faded away until the end of 2014, grew into an ambitios electronic music label, nights, podcast session and artist agency in 2015. Etia Creations was founded back in 2003 by Alex Long. At that time it was presented as E.CRS Records or Etia.Creations. In the beginning of 2010, Alex teamed up with Rok Radobuljac, a well know promoter, label manager, publicist and designer. After a few years they decided it was a good time to re-vive the story that was forgotten long time ago. Fresh energy was a must and with new look, new logo and clear vision, Rok and Alex re-launched Etia Creations. In next 6 months they gathered a crew of artists who share the same vision. They make monthly events in Ljubljana`s underground finest club, Plac 33/45 and they run monthly releases on their label and they host monthly podcast session called Fluid Architecture. Welcome to their new weekly radio Showcase, available each Tuesday from 7-8 PM.
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