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DJ Lady Precious


Tuesdays "UK Garage & Funky Urban Jackin House" 6pm - 7pm (GMT)

DJ Lady Precious

Started 20years ago, DJing became my life, inspired from the rave scene back in the 90s, Music is my life off inspiration. The music i play tells a life story in History of places I played at. Or just enjoyed, from the raw talents of vinyl DJs back in the day, I picked up my skills within 3 months, and played in Bradford that short while later, after picking up my first piece of vinyl. Since then my career has escalated most avenues in my love for music, the most exotic being DJing for the British High Commissioners of Pakistan, in Islamabad in a Palace!!! Turkey also a part of my history! Flame throwers on Bars and a DJ Slot offered there and then. From back in the Day of warehouse Raves! And motorway convoys before mobile phones, Sonnys, Bibbys, Tolerance, Stalybridge Raves! To my Recent slots in Bowlers Manchester, and mixing my skills, with Pied Piper, and MC Creed, the godfather of Garage in the heart of London with MC Reen, from Stinkys in Leeds, and NATO, Pleasurooms, Back2Basics Leeds, back in the Day, music is my life, my tunes envelope so deeply into all aspects of my last 25 years in appreciating Superb Music!!! Freshened thoughts from the vibes of London Underground Garage. Days of Sun City!!! Understanding all this, you will understand the heart of what I play. Please Enjoy!!!

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