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DJ Miss Muzie - A Personal Selection


Wednesdays 6 - 8pm (GMT)

DJ Miss Muzie - A Personal Selection

So Where it all began for Natalie (MissMuzie)....December 23rd 2002, You could say it was an early Christmas present the day she discovered mixing. The day she got her hands on 1 belt drive and 1 direct drive which she struggled to get to grips with but soon mastered. Fast forward 1 year later after falling in love with the art she moved on to Technics 1200..She started off with the well known Bounce AKA Scouse donk, influence by local legend Pete Monsoon. She then went on to play the good old classic retro tunes, which her mum didn't mind being played loud, As she's from Bradford she discovered Bassline (niche) and had her turn on to mixing Organ 4x4 and bassline. When she was introduced to CDJS and controllers her eyes opened to a wide variety of different genres like HOUSE, Garage and so on .. Throughout her dj years she has played at many different venues across the UK a highlight being when she played at Tuxedo princess in Newcastle As Quango & Zunie famously once said.Music is my life :) :) She has Dj'd in....London,Blackpool,Leeds,Manchester,Bradford and more.

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