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Club Vibez DJ Schedule

Click on the icons for show times and more information about each show and DJ.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Daboyze - Indalivehouse - Fridays 5pm-7pm GMT DJ Sapphire - Old Skool Academy - Saturdays 4pm-6pm Very Soulful Productions - Classic Sundaze - Sundays 12pm-2pm
Claudio Dellarole - Contatto House - Thursdays 7pm-8pm clubio - Fridays 7-8pm Hoochy - Saturdays 6pm-7pm GMT
Holcott - Mondays 9pm-11pm GMT  Tech House Sessions hosted by Peter Henco - Monthly || Wednesdays 9pm-10pm GMT DJ C - House Show - Thursdays 8pm-10pm DJ HMC - Fridays 8pm-9pm GMT Antonio Manero Spaziani - Saturdays 7pm-8pm
Earic Patten - Elektrik Metro House Vibes - Thursdays 10pm-12am GMT Deany P - Dubstep - Saturdays 8pm-9pm Peter James - Old Skool vs Tech House - Sundays 7pm-9pm
Phat Farley - Monthly Wednesdays  9pm-10pm GMT Stanny Abram - Abracadabra Sessions - Saturdays 9pm-10pm GMT DJ Ray - Old Skool and Retro - Sundays 9pm-10pm
Vorcera - Transcension - Monthly ||Wednesday 9pm-10pm Destillat:Berlin  - Fridays 11:00pm-12:00am (GMT) Laylae - ...Forward - Saturdays 10pm-12am Sean Strange - Sounds From The Underground - Sundays 10pm-12am
House Of House Mix Show - Wednesdays 10pm-Midnight GMT Elektrik Circuit - Saturdays Midnight - 5am